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45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross Course Changes

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoDue to unprecedented winter weather and ever-changing trail conditions the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew is reporting a course change to the 45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross course.

The 45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross race course will now utilize the Cuyuna Lakes State Trail in place of the Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line singletrack corridor for the Expert and Sport race classes respectively. This decision was made intentionally to reduce the length of the Sport and Expert classes to 12 miles and 16 miles. It also reduces the amount of singletrack for the Sport and Expert classes. This decision was made unanimously by the Whiteout Race Committee based upon the ever-changing singletrack trail conditions and the forecast temperature of race day.

In past week, after Cuyuna received a 6″-12″ snowfall, over 250 volunteer hours were invested directly into getting the Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line singletrack trails into tip-top shape. Then the forces of winter sucker punched us with 40mph winds and -20F temperatures at night. Most of what was groomed on the singletrack was buried in snowdrifts of brittle snow that has no ability to bind within these weather conditions. As Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line trails are purposefully designed on the edge of former mining overburden piles, the wind and snow has direct access to the trails.

We’re pleased to report our new course is still point-to-point, and safer for our racers and our volunteers. Racers will now be able to concentrate on racing and not on drifting on a trail that is crumbling and brittle. Volunteers can stay closer to access points.

If you are a Sport class racer and were looking forward to racing sweet Cuyuna singletrack, you can upgrade to the Expert class at the check-in.

We, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew, thank you for understanding, and your support of our trails and events. Join us in thanking our volunteers throughout the entire region who continue to provide their time to bring all trails to their best possible quality and experience for race day.

Below is a map of the new courses and updated walk-out points.

2 comments on “45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross Course Changes

  1. Hans Erdman says:

    So all of the access points/aid stations will now be on the state trail?

    1. Joshua Rebennack says:

      Yes. And except for Walk-Out Point B, they will all be at road intersections.

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