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IMPORTANT: Event Conditions Update – Ice – Please Read

Trail Ice

This is what Easy Street looks like right now.

This last weekend’s warm weather and the continued warmer weather over the last few days have rendered the race course for the Cuyuna Whiteout a bit icy.

Because of that, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew are HIGHLY RECOMMENDING that all racers and riders have studded tires. Studs can be home-made, screw-in or factory studded tires.

We will be working over the next few days to try and mitigate the icy conditions on the race course, but ultimately, we will have to operate in an environment of safety. That means recommending studs in the short run and, should conditions stay icy, making a decision on the race course location and time.

Bit Icy

What we don’t want

We understand that the singletrack based race course is the reason many of you registered.  We want that too.  However, we have also don’t want the 2015 Iron Yeti SnoXross to be remembered as the 2015 Iron Yeti Ice Flow of Death.

Which brings us to what happens if the iciness continues and the trails do not meet our high safety standards.

Cuyuna Has Options

Unlike other venues Cuyuna has some options.


Sagamore Unit

One option is to simply move the race to the Sagamore Unit.  The race would loose its singletrack miles, but Sagamore is better equipped for marginal conditions and would allow us to run the race (and associated events) as scheduled.

Another option would be to reschedule the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout to another weekend.  The hope is that by that time the iciness will have subsided or snow will have fallen.  However, if conditions are not improved, the only recourse we would have at that point is to cancel the event.

The last option would be to cancel the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout and hope that Mother Nature is more accommodating in 2016.

Registered riders and racers will be receiving an email with a one-question survey to better gauge the preferences of those that have signed up for the SnoXross Races/Rides.  Look for those in your inbox here soon.

We will make a final determination on Tuesday, February 3rd at 10:00am.

Till then we will watch the weather and do our best to make the SnoXross course the best we can.

Shirts Be Scarce

The “free with race registration” shirts are getting scarce!

Based on the numbers we have left, we might run out of available shirts soon.  In fact, to make this fair for everyone, we will be cutting off the free shirts at 10:00pm tonight, Wednesday, January 7th, 2015.

2015 Whiteout Shirt

Going once… Going twice…


If you wanting to sign up for the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout and get your sweet Yeti themed shirt, you should register to race today!

The Treasure Cave Raffle

Surly Ice Cream Truck

You can win this beauty in the Treasure Cave Raffle!

Besides providing some wonderful post-race food and some wonderful music to tickle  your ears, the Yeti Feed & Big Paw Stompin’ Concert will also be the site of the Treasure Cave Raffle.  We will also raffle tons of winter biking related gear provided by Whiteout Partners Surly & 45NRTH.

There will be a maximum of 300 tickets available at $20 a piece for the prizes listed below, including the Grand Prize, a Surly Ice Cream Truck.

These will only be sold during the Whiteout, starting at the Bib Pickup on Friday night and continuing till the end of the Big Paw Stompin’ Concert.  Multiple ticket purchases are allowed (and encouraged).  Need not be present to win.


Grand Prize: Surly Ice Cream Truck $2,700
1st Prize: Pair of 45NRTH Dillinger 5 Studded Tires $500
2nd Prize: Pair of 45NRTH Vanhelga Tires $310
3rd Prize: Pair of 45NRTH Wolvhammer Boots $325
4th Prize: 45NRTH Sturmfist 4-finger Glove & 45NRTH Merino Wool Liner $180
5th Prize: 45NRTH Sturmfist 5-finger Glove & 45NRTH Merino Wool Liner $150
6th Prize: 45NRTH Cobrafist & 45NRTH Merino Wool Liner $175
7th Prize: Surly Merino Wool Long-sleeve Jersey $75
8th Prize: 45NRTH Greazy $40
9th Prize: 45NRTH Lung Cookie $45
10th Prize: Surly Merino Pocket Tee $35
11th Prize: 45NRTH Toaster Fork $30
12th Prize: 45NRTH Bergraven $85

Along with the Treasure Cave Raffle we will also be having Swag Raffle that will include a menagerie of prizes.  Tickets for the Swag Raffle will $1 and this will be a “meat raffle” style raffle, so there is no limit on the tickets sold.  The more tickets you buy, the more chances you have to win.

Remember, 100% of the proceeds from the raffle sales go right back in the red dirt and white snow trails of Cuyuna!

If you haven’t registered already, do so now.  If you have registered, but did not choose the Yeti Feed & Big Paw Stompin’ Concert as an option, you will be able to do so at bib pickup or at the door.

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon!

Time does keep on tickin’…  Early bird pricing for the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout comes to an when the clock strikes midnight Wednesday, December 31st, 2014.  Prices will become those shown below:

EVENT T-SHIRT FREE, while supplies last

You may have noticed that we mentioned the “while supplies last” (again) on the event t-shirts.  We only have limited number, and when they are gone, they are gone.  So get yours today!

2015 Whiteout Event Shirt - F&B

Look at these threads. You know you want one…


So hop over to our Registration page and register today!

Cover Yer Fur! – 2015 Whiteout Shirts

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

2015 Whiteout Shirt

That there is the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout t-shirt.  So how does one procure such a sweet bit of clothing.  Simple, register online for the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout.  Complimentary event shirt with each registration, however, the free shirts are while supplies last, meaning if you wait too long, you might find yourself playing on the skins team.

So get your one-of-kind 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout shirt today!

Race Course Reminders & Press

With some snow down that looks like it will stick around (fingers crossed) we wanted to update everyone as to the Race & Ride courses for the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout, presented by 45NRTH.

Whiteout 2014

Rolling out of the woods during the 2014 Whiteout.
© itouchtheskyblue Photography

Feast your eyes on these statistics, you will find nothing like them anywhere else:

  • All courses are one lap, circulus courses.  That means the snow will be in prime shape no matter what where you are in the pack.
  • The courses are designed to maximize the singletrack, with both the race courses being over 50% singletrack and the ride being about 30%.
    • 30k Race: Singletrack – 16.9 kilometers – 56%
    • 20k Race: Singletrack – 10.5 kilometers – 53%
    • 10k Ride: Singletrack – 3.1 kilometers – 31%
  • Races start at 12:30pm, so the sun should be out making the temperatures perfect for racing.

Its not just about racing.  Immediately following the Whiteout races & rides will be an evening of food, fun and music.

Early registration ends on December 31st, 2014, so register now!

Over the past week, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails and our winter fat bike riding opportunities have been mentioned in quite a few publications.  If you would like to see what they are talking about, come join us at the 2015 Cuyuna Whiteout!

Mens Health – The Sport of Fat Biking

Front Page of Salsa Bikes Callup Catalog

Star Tribune Article Highlighting Cuyuna for a Fat Bike Tour

2015 Cuyuna Whiteout Registration is Live

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoTaking lessons from previous Whiteout’s we have amped the awesome up this year to provide a fun event with something for all.

Here are some highlights:

  • Lower prices on all events
  • Free night ride
  • Single lap routes for all classes
  • New ride class for those that want to ride the course but don’t care about racing
  • Start & finish at the new Pennington Rally Center
  • Single location for all post-ride festivities and awards within biking distance of Pennington Rally Center
  • Sunday morning brunch & ride

Take a list of the events and then register today!

2015 Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout Date

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoAs the summer slowly gives way to Autumn, its time for the Yeti to awaken from his slumber. To help prepare him (and you) for the coming winter months, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew are happy to announce the date for the 2015 Cuyuna Lake Whiteout:

February 7th, 2015

You may have noticed that the date is a month earlier than previous Whiteouts.  The Crew is moving the date of our winter mountain bike event to take advantage of the preferable trail conditions we’ve seen over the past three years in early February.

This years race course is also projected to provide a full Start/Finish loop, spectator zones and a Iron Yeti mix of Ride Center groomed single track and double track.

The Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout is presented by 45NRTH and sustained by the Crew Partners like the City of Cuyuna, New Belgium Brewing, and our newest partner Freewheel Bike. Please thank these partners with your cycling business and support.

Mark your calendar!

45NRTH Event T-Shirts

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.26.24 AMWe have some sweet, special edition 45NRTH/Cuyuna shirts available for all.  These shirts were created especially for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew by 45NRTH, our presenting partner.  These are a limited resource.  When they are gone, they are gone.

Get yours today, for $15.

Just go to the Crew donation page and choose “T-Shirt – Event” for the donation fund.  In the Message To The Crew section, just put in your t-shirt size and we will have a shirt to you as soon as we can pack an envelope.

Remember folks, every dime raised with the purchase of these shirts goes toward purchasing mechanical grooming equipment.  This will allow us to bring you more sweet groomed Cuyuna singletrack!