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2015 Cuyuna Whiteout Registration is Live

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoTaking lessons from previous Whiteout’s we have amped the awesome up this year to provide a fun event with something for all.

Here are some highlights:

  • Lower prices on all events
  • Free night ride
  • Single lap routes for all classes
  • New ride class for those that want to ride the course but don’t care about racing
  • Start & finish at the new Pennington Rally Center
  • Single location for all post-ride festivities and awards within biking distance of Pennington Rally Center
  • Sunday morning brunch & ride

Take a list of the events and then register today!

2015 Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout Date

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoAs the summer slowly gives way to Autumn, its time for the Yeti to awaken from his slumber. To help prepare him (and you) for the coming winter months, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew are happy to announce the date for the 2015 Cuyuna Lake Whiteout:

February 7th, 2015

You may have noticed that the date is a month earlier than previous Whiteouts.  The Crew is moving the date of our winter mountain bike event to take advantage of the preferable trail conditions we’ve seen over the past three years in early February.

This years race course is also projected to provide a full Start/Finish loop, spectator zones and a Iron Yeti mix of Ride Center groomed single track and double track.

The Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout is presented by 45NRTH and sustained by the Crew Partners like the City of Cuyuna, New Belgium Brewing, and our newest partner Freewheel Bike. Please thank these partners with your cycling business and support.

Mark your calendar!

45NRTH Event T-Shirts

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.26.24 AMWe have some sweet, special edition 45NRTH/Cuyuna shirts available for all.  These shirts were created especially for the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew by 45NRTH, our presenting partner.  These are a limited resource.  When they are gone, they are gone.

Get yours today, for $15.

Just go to the Crew donation page and choose “T-Shirt – Event” for the donation fund.  In the Message To The Crew section, just put in your t-shirt size and we will have a shirt to you as soon as we can pack an envelope.

Remember folks, every dime raised with the purchase of these shirts goes toward purchasing mechanical grooming equipment.  This will allow us to bring you more sweet groomed Cuyuna singletrack!

Locations & Reminders

IYR App Screenshot

This is the home screen for the Whiteout on the IYR app


How will you find your way around during the 2014 Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout?  There are several ways.

The first and highly recommended is the Its Your Race app.  With your phone or pad, search for the Its Your Race app in the respective App store.  There you will find an easy to use app that can be used to direct you.  Simply search for “whiteout” when the app opens and click on the Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout.  From there you can see maps and directions to our events.  (One note for Android users: depending on phone model, the IYR app can be crashy.)

The second is to use the locations/addresses listed below to find your way around with your GPS or GPS equipped phone.

Event Location Address or Coordinate (Lat/Long)
Friday Night Fish Fry & Amazin’ Product Raffle American Legion 232 4th St, Ironton, MN 56455
Friday Night Fat Bike Ride Sagamore Unit Parking Lot 46.451695,-94.048567
Friday Night Snowshoe Tour Croft Mine Parking Lot 46.491391,-93.953019
Iron Yeti SnoXross Check-In & Bike Drop-off Sagamore Unit Parking Lot 46.451695,-94.048567
Iron Yeti SnoXross Expert Parking Croft Mine Parking Lot 46.491391,-93.953019
Iron Yeti SnoXross Beginner & Sport Parking Cuyuna Range Elementary School 46.486791,-93.941413
45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross Start Sagamore Unit Parking Lot 46.451695,-94.048567
City of Riverton Spectator Point City of Riverton Offices & Town Hall 16663 Main St Riverton, MN 56455
45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross Finish Croft Mine Parking Lot 46.491391,-93.953019
Ice Bike Race & Serpent Park Festivities Serpent Park, Crosby 46.478080,-93.956744

The third is to use your phone and the Google map provided below to find locations.


  • There is NO parking at the Sagamore Unit for racers or spectators.  For racers, please check-in or drop off bikes and proceed to parking areas.
  • Shuttle busses leave Croft and Cuyuna Range Elementary School (CRES) at 8:15am  and 9:10am respectively.  Please arrive early so as to have time to get to the shuttle bus.
  • Round trip (drop off bike, go to parking, get shuttle back) should take racers approximately 1 hour.  Plan accordingly.
  • We will have racer drop bags at the Start that can be picked up at the finish.  Please dress according to the weather knowing you can shed clothing before the race.
  • Spectators are encouraged to take the shuttles in to the start and finish or to watch from Riverton.

Limited and Exclusive Cuyuna Threads

The night prior to the opening Whiteout ceremonies we’re pleased to present our two limited and exclusive Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout threads.

Thread #1 is the official Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout presented by 45NRTH event shirt. Long sleeves and made of athletic material allowing you to look good, and smell good! The front features ol’ Yeti doing what he does best, chasing the winter mountain cyclists down the point-to-point trail. On the reverse you’ll have your complete list of our Crew Whiteout Partners allowing you to know exactly whom to support within the industry and locally when you are up in Cuyuna. Please do support our amazing partners, as for without them, there would be no Whiteout, and no Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew. Thank you partners! Shirts will be sold at $15.00 and all proceeds from the sale of the official event t-shirt will be re-invested into the red dirt and snow trails of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails. Buy two shirts, it’s a good investment!


Thread #2 was created in partnership with our Presenting Partner 45NRTH. On the front you’ll see winter mountain biking artwork and a our 45NRTH/Crew winter vision statement: “For the love of winter groomed Cuyuna singletrack.” This shirt kick starts our 15for15 campaign with 45NRTH. Meaning, this shirt costs $15.00, and every dollar of that $15.00 will be earmarked for the Crew to purchase our own grooming equipment ideally in 2015. This effort is to help support the grooming efforts of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources in a shared vision to provide a destination-quality winter groomed singletrack experience. The shirt also features proudly the 45NRTH and Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails logos. As we learn every year, having the right equipment for the right snow is everything, and we’re looking to bring more horsepower to that equation with each 45NRTH and Whiteout event shirt we sell.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.26.24 AM

We’d like to thank 45NRTH for their partnership with the Crew on behalf of our winter mountain biking experience, the Whiteout, and now our fundraising for the future of our winter sport. Join us in accomplishing great things within the sport of winter mountain biking!

45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross Course Changes

Cuyuna Lakes Whiteout LogoDue to unprecedented winter weather and ever-changing trail conditions the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew is reporting a course change to the 45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross course.

The 45NRTH Iron Yeti SnoXross race course will now utilize the Cuyuna Lakes State Trail in place of the Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line singletrack corridor for the Expert and Sport race classes respectively. This decision was made intentionally to reduce the length of the Sport and Expert classes to 12 miles and 16 miles. It also reduces the amount of singletrack for the Sport and Expert classes. This decision was made unanimously by the Whiteout Race Committee based upon the ever-changing singletrack trail conditions and the forecast temperature of race day.

In past week, after Cuyuna received a 6″-12″ snowfall, over 250 volunteer hours were invested directly into getting the Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line singletrack trails into tip-top shape. Then the forces of winter sucker punched us with 40mph winds and -20F temperatures at night. Most of what was groomed on the singletrack was buried in snowdrifts of brittle snow that has no ability to bind within these weather conditions. As Easy Street/Switchback/Drag Line trails are purposefully designed on the edge of former mining overburden piles, the wind and snow has direct access to the trails.

We’re pleased to report our new course is still point-to-point, and safer for our racers and our volunteers. Racers will now be able to concentrate on racing and not on drifting on a trail that is crumbling and brittle. Volunteers can stay closer to access points.

If you are a Sport class racer and were looking forward to racing sweet Cuyuna singletrack, you can upgrade to the Expert class at the check-in.

We, the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Crew, thank you for understanding, and your support of our trails and events. Join us in thanking our volunteers throughout the entire region who continue to provide their time to bring all trails to their best possible quality and experience for race day.

Below is a map of the new courses and updated walk-out points.

Post-Race Spa Time

Great news Whiteout volunteers and racers! The Hallett Center in Crosby is offering volunteers and racers a sauna and shower for $1.00 after the Iron Yeti.  Racers or volunteers must identify themselves as being with the Whiteout to receive this offer.

Thank you Hallett Center!

Surly is in the Cuyuna House

T minus 60 minutes to the close of online registration we’ve just heard that Surly Bikes will be making an appearance at the Friday Night Amazin’ Product Raffle in support of the Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails. What does that mean? Sweet Surly product of course! Exactly what you say? Register and get your buttski up here in a few short days to find out more.

Remember, all those raffle tickets that you’re going to buy for the chance to win a sweet Surly shirt, those bucks go right back into the red dirt and snow trails of Cuyuna. Ante up!